Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time Schedule Planning for Students

Examination preparation methods

Preparing for examinations is perhaps the most exciting part of the students life. The time schedule planning requires careful consideration though. This exercise can be broken into the following parts:
a) Gathering material
b) Making time table
c) Doing the studies
d) Revisions and second follow through


Getting the study material

For any student, the study material will comprise the entirety of his or her preparations. This material may be again -- books borrowed from the library, online material or notes prepared from the classes he or she attends. This may be regular courses or special tuition obtained from tutorial classes.Check with your school principal and teachers if there are any special classes available or ask around in your friend's circle if they know of such places.
Online sources
Online sources are plenty but one must sit down and work out where they are and how one  can source all the material. Then you have to download and store them for easy use when required.
The second and perhaps most difficult part is making of a schedule for your studies. This means preparing time intervals for each subject that you have to study. If you miss out on any subject, then you will find it hard to make up. So, after you have prepared your timetable, go to the school teacher and ask him or her to verify it. They will point out any glaring omissions and give their recommendations for any improvements that you may make to study better.

Doing the study

Then comes the most boring (or interesting) part -- the actual studies. Here you must pick out some place where you are not disturbed. Inform all your parents and friends about your study schedule and you can even pick some friend to do some combined studies with if that is okay with your parents.

Getting through the revisions

Try to finish preparations well in time (say two months ahead of the examinations). Then do the revisions. Use old examination papers and work out the solutions. Time your answers so that you know how well you are doing. Lastly, ask your parents and teachers if you have prepared well. Let them question you and tell you how good your answers are. Well then, time to go and study.

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